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Timber Valley Lodge Wedding Photography | Drue + Nathan

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Saturday, June 11th, 2016 saw me hit the road and drive to the Timber Valley Lodge in Fayette, Alabama to photograph what turned out to be a lovely wedding. The happy couple was Drue and Nathan, who decided to get married at the picturesque but rustic venue.

It had been a since I was in Fayette last as I used to work in the area regularly. It was nice getting to go back and seeing a new part of the county as I had never been to or shot at the Timber Valley Lodge before. It was a great venue with a great staff, and that made Drue and Nathan's day that much more special.

The Timber Valley Lodge is an "all in one" type of facility so everything took place on its grounds. The bride, groom, and their party all got ready in the area while the staff and various family members got the space ready for the wedding, which took place outside, and the eventual reception inside. There was even a lovely balcony area that Drue used to show off her dress before the first reveal took place.

Even though it was rather warm that day, the happy couple did a first reveal outdoors on the back porch before going to the other side of the building to complete the formals. Their wedding party joined them and had a lot of fun with the posed photos.

Since everything got completed before the ceremony began, Drue and Nathan had a bit of down time to enjoy. They took a few more photos outside along with just relaxing and enjoying the company of their family and friends.

The time then came, though, to walk down the aisle and tie the knot. Drue and Nathan took that to near literal means as they included a hand fastening ceremony as part of their wedding vows. It was a lovely touch that called back to very older times and traditions.

From there, it was time to enjoy the reception and celebrate. Drue and Nathan danced in front of their guests, who dined on the delicious BBQ dinner that was made available. The newlyweds also enjoyed their wedding cakes, especially Nathan's, which featured a custom made BB-8 cake-topper to celebrate his fandom of Star Wars.

When it was time to say goodbye, Drue and Nathan made their exit as guests blew bubbles and wished them well. It was a lovely way to end a lovely day in a lovely venue.

I'd like to thank Drue and Nathan for having me photograph their big day. They, along with their friends and family, were great to work with and be around as I photographed the events of the wedding. I'd also like to thank the staff of the Timber Valley Lodge in Fayette for also welcoming me and having such a wonderful venue.

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