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Black Warrior Brewing Wedding Photography | Amy + Abbot

Tuscaloosa wedding photographer

The last weekend of July was not a restful one for me. It was far from that. I had two different weddings to photograph and document that weekend, and both were in the Tuscaloosa area. Where as the one on July 25th, 2015 was a traditional church wedding, the one on July 26th was incredibly laid back affair that took place at Black Warrior Brewing. The happy couple tying the knot was Amy and Abbot, two close friends, who I have known for years. It was a delight to be able to capture the memories of their big day.

The event was truly a DIY affair. Amy, Abbot, their friends, and their family all pitched in to take care of the decor and set-up before guests arrived and the ceremony began. As people waited for the start of the event, they took the time to enjoy the fine offerings from Black Warrior Brewing. That helped to loosen the mood and create a great party atmosphere for Amy and Abbot.

When the time came, everyone gathered around to watch Amy and Abbot say their vows and become husband and wife. Once the ceremony concluded, the two took a celebratory shot with each other and then the party continued well into the afternoon and evening. Everyone enjoyed themselves and spent time visiting with Amy and Abbot to congratulate and wish them the best of luck.

I wish Amy and Abbot all the luck in the world, and I thank them for having me out to photograph their wedding! If you are in the market for a wedding photographer, please remember DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events!

Enjoy the sampling of photos below and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link to the full display gallery!

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