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Winter Tuscaloosa Engagement Photography | Meredith + Matt

Birmingham, Alabama Engagement Photography from DSmithImages

We're well in February now so that means it's about to be spring time. That also means it's about to be wedding season. Before we get there, though, winter still has a bit more time to do its thing. Still, some days in winter can be quite lovely. One of those days happened towards the end of January. That was the day I had the opportunity to do a set of winter engagement portraits for Meredith and Matt, two good friends who will be getting married in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this March.

Meredith and Matt decided to do their engagement portraits in Tuscaloosa as well. They chose the Park at Manderson Landing, which is just down the road from where their wedding ceremony will take place. Both of them wanted a rustic and woody look for the session, and the park provided ample opportunities to produce that for them. It might have been the end of January, but the day was with ample sunshine and mild temperatures so the overall experience was quite pleasant.

The only downside to doing things on a gorgeous January day was the fact a large number of people were also in the park to enjoy the afternoon. We were able to work with this the best we could but, finally, we decided to take the session to another location that would be a bit more private. On the way to the shoot, I had passed by the secluded Queen City Park, just a little ways down the road and behind the Tuscaloosa Public Library. I realized this location would be ideal for what Meredith and Matt wanted, and they agreed.

We were rewarded with a park to ourselves and another great location that complimented what we were able to get in the first one we used. Meredith and Matt made use of the stone work bridge on display in the park along with the scenic walking trails.

Overall, both locations worked out for the best, and I was able to give Meredith and Matt some great looking photographs to celebrate their engagement and upcoming wedding! I can't wait to document their big day in March and share the results with all of you.

If you liked what you saw from Meredith and Matt's engagement session and want to have one of your own, be sure to email me or call me at (205) 586-9723. I'd love to talk with you about it!

Enjoy the sampling of photos below and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link to the full display gallery!

You can see the display gallery from this winter engagement portrait session in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by clicking the button below.