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Birmingham, Alabama Senior Portrait Photography | Annika

Birmingham senior portrait photography

Fall is a perfect time to do senior portrait sessions. Fall is an even more perfect time to do senior portrait sessions in a downtown and urban setting. I recently had the pleasure of doing one of these sessions in the downtown Birmingham, Alabama on November 8th, 2015 with Annika, a student at Springville High School.

Annika requested an urban and city setting for her photos, and I went about scouting the perfect location for the shoot. I came across an area that I had photographed for other reasons. The 2nd Avenue North and 24th Street intersection in Birmingham provided a plethora of great locations to use during the senior portrait sessions. There were several old brick buildings and faded wall art advertising for Pepsi Cola that ended up being fantastic backdrops for the photos.

The pedestrian sidewalk on one of the bridges in the area also allowed us to get shots of the Birmingham city skyline in the background, which was one of Annika's requests. The buildings really stood out and complimented the photographs nicely.

The weather of the day also helped out a great deal. It had been raining in Birmingham during the previous days but, thankfully, it held up enough for us to get this session done. The earlier rain, though, was a blessing as it helped to provide grey and flat skies, which is a photographer's best friend, especially during a fall and urban set portrait session.

Most importantly, though, Annika was a great client to work with during the session. She brought a lot of ideas and suggestions to the table and was also quite receptive to suggestions and input to make things better. It all combined to result in some fantastic senior portraits for her and her family to enjoy as graduation approaches.

If you like what you see and new some senior portraits done for yourself or a soon to be graduate in your life, I'd love to talk more details with you! Email me or give me a call at (205) 586-9723.

Enjoy the sampling of photos below and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link to the full display gallery!

You can see the display gallery from this senior portrait session by clicking the button below.