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Tuscaloosa Bridal Photography at the Drish House | Meghan

The Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama might have a claim to fame of being a rather haunted structure in the Druid City, but it is also a fantastic location to do bridal portrait photography. I found this out on April 14th as I was fortunate enough to do a bridal portrait session with Meghan inside the historic Tuscaloosa home. Meghan and her now husband Luke were married on May 6th at Lake Guntersville, also in Alabama, so I am pleased to be able to now share with you some of the shots from that session.

If you have not been to the Drish House in Tuscaloosa, you are really missing out on a picturesque vintage structure that is still undergoing a restoration process. The lower level of the house has beautiful hardwood floors and a wide open main room where we started the session. Natural light was abundant in the house and made for warm and inviting photographs to help match the fact the photos were on in April and the heart of the spring season.

After a quick trip outside to the house's front porch, we did some at the top of the main stairwell and inside a room that is currently being restored. The unfinished look of the room meshed quite well with Meghan's vision for the shoot and helped produce my favorite shots from the session. The natural light that filled the lower level of the Drish House was also in abundance in the upper level of the building so that only added to the already visually pleasing aesthetic.

Meghan's wedding dress was absolutely stunning and fit in with the vintage feel of the Drish House and the spring seasonal aspect as well. The dress had a wonderful and natural flow to it and featured colorful accents in the upper portion of the material. Coupled with a floral crown worn for some of the photos, Meghan had the look of a beautiful and stylish spring bride. 

I do hope you enjoy these bridal portraits done at the Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and I hope they help set the tone for what's to come when I reveal Meghan and Luke's wedding photos. If you like what you see and are in the market for a wedding photographer, I invite you to check out my wedding photography investment section, my wedding photography galleries, and my engagement/bridal photography galleries.

Enjoy the sampling of photos below and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link to the full display gallery!

Bridal photography at The Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by David A. Smith/DSmithImages of Birmingham, Alabama

You can see the display gallery from this bridal portrait session at the Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by clicking the button below.