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Birmingham Botanical Gardens Portrait Photography | The Whitaker Family

Birmingham Botanical Gardens portrait photography in Birmingham, Alabama

Recent visitors to DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events know that I spent a significant amount of time at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on April 15th. I had an engagement session early that morning, but I closed the day out with a family portrait session for the Whitakers. As always, the gardens provided a fantastic location and backdrop for the session.

The primary focus of the portrait was session was to get some individual shots of Sawyer, the Whitakers' two year old son. He was a delight to work with and had a great personality that came out throughout the shoot. Sawyer enjoyed getting to run around the various locations we used in the gardens and was genuinely happy to take part in the experience.

Some might think photographing children can be a challenge, but I always try to let the kids be themselves, have some fun, and enjoy the shoot instead of making it a chore. This results in some realistic and wonderful images for their families to enjoy.

As I've discussed earlier, the springtime green and lush backdrops of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens also helped make the session a delight. The colors were so vibrant late in the afternoon, and I feel they translated well into the final images. The session was originally scheduled to take place at the beginning of April, but I'm glad we had to reschedule it into the middle of the month. The change resulted in some beautiful shots for the Whitaker family.

I'd like to thank the Whitakers for choosing DSmithImages Wedding Photography, Portraits, and Events to do this session, and I do hope to get to work with them again in the near future.

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Enjoy the sampling of photos below and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link to the full display gallery!

You can see the display gallery from this portrait session at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens by clicking the button below.